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FOP Researchers are tantalisingly close to major breakthroughs in treatment and even a possible cure. If you donate to FOP Friends you are the difference between research continuing and it stopping completely.

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Fundraising Ideas

Run, swim, climb, cycle, wade, walk, dance, knit, sing or Zumba! Do whatever you love (or hate) and get sponsorship from your friends and family. Please let us know what you’ve been up too.

Host a dinner, bake a cake, organise a pub quiz night, a Swap 4 FOP or a charity golf day. You can be as creative as you like. We will help you publicise it and get coverage for any sponsors you have. For more information please visit our Fundraising page where you will also find details of FOP Friends organised events and advice. Are you crafty? Love to bake, make or build? Why not raffle, auction or sell the result of your efforts in aid of FOP Friends. Or if you’d rather not do it yourself, donate it to us and we’ll do the raffling or auctioning for you.

When people think of leaving a legacy in their will, they often think of wealthy philanthropists. But even a small amount will benefit a small charity like ours enormously. When you’re making or revising your will, please consider leaving a gift to help us find a cure for FOP.

Did you know that when you sell on eBay, you can choose to donate anything from 10% to 100% of the final sale price to your chosen charity? You can also Gift Aid your donation. Just use the ‘Advanced Sell’ form when you’re listing a new item and you’ll see the option to donate. Visit to find out more.

The more of us there are, the greater our influence and our potential to succeed in finding a cure for FOP. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share what we’re doing with your friends and colleagues, and encourage them to spread the word.

This not only gives us extra funds, it also saves you lots and lots of time. And there’s no stamp licking required either. For the cost of a donation to FOP Friends you can design and send your own E-cards for all occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day) through the How much you donate is entirely up to you.